4.12 String Builder

The String Builder enables you to construct name/value pairs for use in certain actions, such as Start Workflow.

  1. Specify the name of the string in the Name field.

  2. Click the Edit the arguments icon to construct the value of the string.

  3. Click OK, then click Finish.

The Start Workflow action contains an Additional Arguments field that allows you to create the necessary values for a specific workflow. These fields are unique to each workflow. The string builder allows you to create strings and set values for these strings.

The following example starts a workflow process each there is an add operation. The workflow is a request for a cell phone. The strings in the Additional Arguments field are the cell phone provider and the reason the cell is requested.

Figure 4-9 Start Workflow Example

When you click the icon to the right of the Additional Arguments field, the String Builder is launched. In this example, the value for the provider is set to ACMEWireless, and the value for the reason is set to new hire. To view this example in XML, see start_workflow.xml.

Figure 4-10 String Builder Example