If Operation

Performs a test on the name of the current operation. The type of test performed depends on the specified operator.



Select the condition test type.


Returns True when...


The name of the current operation is equal to the content of the condition when compared using the specified comparison mode.

Not Equal

Equal would return False.


Contains the value defined for the select operator. The value is used by the condition. The operators that contain the value field are:

  • Equal

  • Not Equal

The values are the operations that the Metadirectory engine looks for:

  • add

  • add-association

  • check-object-password

  • check-password

  • delete

  • get-named-password

  • init-params

  • instance

  • modify

  • modify-association

  • modify-password

  • move

  • password

  • query

  • query-schema

  • remove-association

  • rename

  • schema-def

  • status

  • sync

This list is not exclusive. Custom operations can be implemented by drivers and administrators.

Comparison Mode

The condition has a comparison mode parameter that indicates how a comparison is done.



Case Sensitive

Character-by-character case sensitive comparison.

Case Insensitive

Character-by-character case insensitive comparison.

Regular Expression

The regular expression matches the entire string. It defaults to case insensitive, but can be changed by an escape in the expression.

See Sun’s Web site.

The pattern options CASE_INSENSITIVE, DOTALL, and UNICODE_CASE are used but can be reversed using the appropriate embedded escapes.

Source DN

Compares using semantics appropriate to the DN format for the source data store.

Destination DN

Compares using semantics appropriate to the DN format for the destination data store.


Compares numerically.


Compares the binary information.

The operators that contain the comparison mode parameter are:

  • Equal

  • Not Equal