9.2 Using the Policy Simulator

The Policy Simulator allows you to select a point in the driver flow to test the policy with a specific operation. It allows you to edit the input and output documents while you are testing. If you want to keep the changes, select the Save As icon to save the document as an XML file.

To use the Policy Simulator:

  1. From the Simulation Point drop-down list, select the place in the driver flow that you want to test the policy.

    You can select the any of the following items: Publisher Channel, Subscriber Channel, Input, Schema Mapping, Event, Sync Filter, Matching, Creation, Placement, Command and Notify Filter.

    Policy Simulator

    If you select a specific policy or rule to test, the Simulation Point option only shows To Identity Vault or From Identity Vault.

  2. Select Import, then browse to and select a file to test.

    Designer comes with sample event files you can use. The files are located in the plug-in com.novell.designer.idm.policy\simulation. The event are Add, Association, Delete, Instance, Modify, Move, Query, Rename, and Status.

  3. Double-click a folder and to display the available events.

    Each event has different files you can select. For example, if you select Add, you have three options: Organization.xml, OrganizationalUnit.xml, and User.xml. The file indicates the event. If you select User.xml, it is an Add event for a user object.

  4. Select a file, then click Open to display the input document in the window.

  5. Click Next to begin the simulation.

    Input document
  6. Select the Trace tab to display the results of the Add event as you would through DSTRACE.

    View trace log

    Click Clear Log, then click Repeat to run the simulation again with the new trace log.

  7. Select the Output tab to see the output document that is generated when the policy is executed against an input document. The input document is the user Add event.

    Output document

    You can edit the input and output documents. If you want to keep the changes, click Save As.

  8. Select the Compare tab to compare the output document to the input document.

    Compare the input document to the output document
  9. Click Repeat to select a different input document and see the results of that event.

  10. When you are finished testing, click Finish to close the Policy Simulator.