7.1 Starting, Stopping, or Restarting the Delimited Text Driver

In Designer for Identity Manager:

  1. Open a project in the Modeler, then right-click the driver line.

  2. Select Live > Start Driver, Stop Driver, or Restart Driver.

In iManager:

  1. If you changed default data locations during configuration, ensure that the new locations exist before you start the driver.

  2. Click Identity Manager > Identity Manager Overview.

  3. Browse to or search for the driver set where the driver exists.

  4. Click the driver status indicator in the upper right corner of the driver icon, then click Start driver, Stop driver, or Restart driver.

    The Start Driver option

    If a change log is available, the driver processes all the changes in the change log. To force an initial synchronization, see Migrating and Resynchronizing Data.