3.4 Getting the Installation Files

  1. Obtain the most recent distribution of the Identity Manager 3.5.1 driver for i5/OS (OS/400) from the Novell Downloads Web site.

    The -driver is part of the Identity Manager Integration Module 3.5 for Midrange.

  2. Copy i5os.zip from the distribution onto the workstation where you will run iManager to set up the driver on the Metadirectory server, and unzip it to a temporary directory.

    The following files are contained in i5os.zip:

    Table 3-1 i5os.zip File Contents




    Driver rules file used to create the Driver object on the Metadirectory server


    File for extending the eDirectory™ schema to add auxiliary classes to User and Group objects to support i5/OS profile and distribution directory attributes


    Driver shim distribution package