3.8 Post-Installation Tasks

  1. If desired, set Startup Option on the Driver Configuration page to Auto start. This causes the driver to start when the Metadirectory engine starts.

    NOTE:By default, the installation program sets the driver shim to start automatically on the connected system.

  2. Activate the driver.

    Identity Manager and Identity Manager drivers must be activated within 90 days of installation or they shut down. At any time during the 90 days, or afterward, you can activate Identity Manager products.

    For details about activating Novell Identity Manager Products, see the Identity Manager 3.5.1 Installation Guide on the Identity Manager 3.5.1 Documentation Web site.

You can use the I5OSDRV menu on the connected system at any time to change the driver shim configuration. You can configure the Remote Loader and driver passwords, and the SSL settings. For details about using the I5OSDRV menu, see Section C.1, Using the I5OSDRV Menu.