4.2 Configuring the Driver

  1. Install and set up the i5/OS driver on the Metadirectory server.

    For details, see Section 3.6, Setting Up the Driver on the Metadirectory Server.

  2. Make any required policy modifications.

    Create or modify an appropriate policy to use the alternative naming attribute if one was used by the Fan-Out driver. For more information about policy customization, see the Policy Builder and Driver Customization Guide on the Identity Manager 3.5.1 Documentation Web site.

  3. Start the i5/OS driver.

    Click the upper right corner of the driver icon, then click Start driver.

  4. Migrate the users to make new associations. For details, see Section 6.3.1, Migrating Identities from the Identity Vault to the Connected System and Section 6.3.2, Migrating Identities from the Connected System to the Identity Vault.