8.5 Driver Security Certificates

SSL uses security certificates to control, encrypt, and authenticate communications.

Ensure that the keys security certificate directory in the driver IFS path is appropriately protected. The installation program sets secure file permissions for this directory.

The Driver Shim and the Identity Manager engine communicate through SSL using a certificate created in the Identity Vault and retrieved by the driver shim during the installation process. For more information on this certificate and how to renew or install third-party certificates, refer to the Identity Manager Administration Guide.

The Embedded Remote Loader web interface uses a dynamically generated, self-signed certificate for SSL communication. The details of this certificate are as follows:

Table 8-1 Driver Security Certificate Details

Property Name

Values / Parameters


SSL Server


SSL Server


1 year

Serial Number



1024-bit RSA

Renewal of this certificate automatically occurs when the Driver Shim is restarted on the connected platform.