1.0 Introducing the Identity Manager Driver for PeopleSoft

A PeopleSoft application is composed of two primary pieces:

The Identity Manager Driver for PeopleSoft interacts with PeopleSoft at the PeopleTools level. By using object definitions within the PeopleSoft modules, along with a collection of preconfigured objects, you enable PeopleSoft so that you can do the following:

The driver creates an automated link between PeopleSoft and the Identity Vault. As new records are added, modified, or deactivated (disabled) in PeopleSoft, network tasks associated with these events can be automatically processed.

For example, when hires, re-hires, terminations, and employee updates occur within the Human Resources module, resultant tasks are often created for the Information Services department. These tasks might include setting up, modifying or disabling an Identity Vault user account, creating an e-mail account, or creating a domain account. By using the driver, you can automate and maintain these and other business processes.