10.14 Setting LDAP Server Search Constraints

This section contains an example terminal session showing you how to use ntdsutil.exe to change the LDAP search parameters on your domain controller. You should only change these settings on the domain controller being used for Identity Manager synchronization for the duration of the migration. Write down the current configuration values and run ntdsutil.exe after migration completes to restore the original values. ntdsutil.exe can be run on any member server.

  1. At a command prompt, type ntdsutil.

  2. Type LDAP Policies, then press Enter.

  3. Type Connections, then press Enter.

  4. Type Connect to domain domain_name, then press Enter.

  5. Type Connect to server server_name, then press Enter.

  6. Type Quit, then press Enter.

  7. Type Show Values, then press Enter.

ntdsutil: LDAP Policies
ldap policy: Connections
server connections: Connect to domain raptor
Binding to \\raptor1.raptor.lab ...
Connected to \\raptor1.raptor.lab using credentials of locally logged on user.
server connections: Connect to server raptor1
Disconnecting from \\raptor1.raptor.lab...
Binding to raptor1 ...
Connected to raptor1 using credentials of locally logged on user.
server connections: Quit
ldap policy: Show Values

Policy                          Current(New)
MaxPoolThreads                  4
MaxDatagramRecv                 4096
MaxReceiveBuffer                10485760
InitRecvTimeout                 120
MaxConnections                  5000
MaxConnIdleTime                 900
MaxPageSize                     1000
MaxQueryDuration                120
MaxTempTableSize                10000
MaxResultSetSize                262144
MaxNotificationPerConn          5
MaxValRange                     1500
ldap policy: set MaxQueryDuration to 1200
ldap policy: set MaxResultSetSize to 6000000
ldap policy: Commit Changes
ldap policy: Quit
ntdsutil: Quit
Disconnecting from raptor1...