4.1 Gathering Configuration Information

The Active Directory Discovery Tool gathers the information needed to configure the Active Directory driver. The tool gathers a list of the domain controllers and Microsoft Exchange private message stores available in the domain and optionally creates an account in Active Directory suitable for the driver.

To run the tool:

  1. On the workstation where you installed the tool, double-click the following file: C:\Novell\NDS\DirXMLUtilities\ad_disc\ADManager.exe.

    This is the default installation location for the file.

  2. Click Discover to populate the tool with your domain information.

    The tool lists the following information:

    • Domain DN

    • Domain GUID

    • Domain Controller name

    • Proposed driver account name and password

    • Exchange Home MDB attribute

    Active Directory Discovery Tool
  3. If you want to see information for another domain, specify the domain name, a user with sufficient rights to look up domain information, and that user’s password, then click Discover.