10.3 Synchronizing c, co, and countryCode Attributes

When you use the Active Directory management console to select a country for a user, three attributes are set:

Table 10-1 Attributes for Country




Contains a two-character country code as defined by the ISO.


Contains a longer name for the country.


Contains a numeric value (also defined by the ISO) that represents the country.

Because the ISO-defined numeric country codes are intended for use by applications that can’t handle alphabetic characters, the default schema in the Identity Vault includes c and co but not countryCode.

Identity Manager is capable of mapping c and co. It can also map countryCode if you add a similar attribute to the eDirectory schema.

Active Directory’s management console tries to keep all three of these attributes synchronized, so that when you set the country in the console, all three attributes have appropriate values. Some administrators might want a similar behavior when the attribute is set through Identity Manager. For example, you might want to configure the driver so that even though only c is in the Filter, co and countryCode are also set when a change for c is sent on the Subscriber channel.