4.1 Preparing for Migration

We recommend that you perform the upgrade in a test environment similar to your production environment before upgrading production systems.

Before beginning the upgrade process, review Section 3.0, Installing the Top Secret Driver.

To prepare for installing the upgrade:

  1. Verify that you have the required knowledge and skills.

    For details, see Section 3.2, Required Knowledge and Skills.

  2. Ensure that the prerequisites are met.

    For details, see Section 3.3, Prerequisites.

  3. Prepare the distribution files for installation.

    For details, see Section 3.4, Getting the Installation Files.

  4. If necessary, migrate the UID and GID numbers from the appropriate Fan-Out driver Platform Set to the OMVS attributes of the Identity Vault users or groups. You can assign OMVS attributes, such as HOME (home directory) and OMVSPGM (login shell), to objects in the Identity Vault.