1.0 Overview

The Identity Manager 3.6.1 driver for i5/OS (OS/400) synchronizes data between the Identity Vault and a connected i5/OS system. The driver runs on a target i5/OS system. The Identity Vault runs on any platform supported by Identity Manager and communicates with the driver on the connected system over a secure network link.

The driver uses embedded Remote Loader technology to communicate with the Identity Vault, bidirectionally synchronizing changes between the Identity Vault and the connected system. The embedded Remote Loader component, also called the driver shim, runs as a native process on the connected i5/OS system. There is no requirement to install Java* on the connected system.

The driver commits changes to the connected system using customizable Control Language (CL) programs that issue native system commands. The publication method uses exits supplied by IBM* for notification of changes and a change log to save changes for subsequent publishing.

The i5/OS driver uses a scriptable framework, designed so that you can easily add support for existing and future applications.

The Identity Manager driver for i5/OS continues the flexibility of the Fan-Out driver for OS/400 systems, while adding the bidirectional support and Identity Manager policy options available with traditional Identity Manager drivers. New features include:

The following sections present a basic overview of the i5/OS driver: