7.5 Driver Security Certificates

SSL uses security certificates to control, encrypt, and authenticate communications.

Ensure that the security certificate directory /opt/novell/usdrv/keys is appropriately protected on Linux or UNIX platforms and C:\Novell\wsdrv\keys is protected on Windows platforms. The installation program sets secure file permissions for these directories.

The Driver Shim and the Identity Manager engine communicate through SSL using a certificate created in the Identity Vault and retrieved by the Driver Shim during the installation process. For more information on this certificate and how to renew or install third-party certificates, refer to the Identity Manager Administration Guide.

The Embedded Remote Loader web interface uses a dynamically generated, self-signed certificate for SSL communication. The details of this certificate are as follows:

Subject: SSL Server

Issuer: SSL Server

Validity: 1 year

Serial Number: 0

Key: 1024-bit RSA

Renewal of this certificate automatically occurs when the Driver Shim is restarted on the connected platform.