A.2 Global Configuration Values

Global configuration values (GCVs) enable you to specify settings for the Identity Manager features such as password synchronization and driver heartbeat, as well as settings that are specific to the function of an individual driver configuration. Some GCVs are provided with the drivers, but you can also add your own.

IMPORTANT:Password synchronization settings are GCVs, but it’s best to edit them in the graphical interface provided on the Server Variables page for the driver, instead of the GCV page. The Server Variables page that shows Password Synchronization settings is accessible as a tab as with other driver parameters, or by clicking Password Management > Password Synchronization, searching for the driver, and clicking the driver name. The page contains online help for each Password Synchronization setting.

In iManager:

  1. In iManager, click to display the Identity Manager Administration page.

  2. Open the driver set that contains the driver whose properties you want to edit. To do so:

    1. In the Administration list, click Identity Manager Overview.

    2. If the driver set is not listed on the Driver Sets tab, use the Search In field to search for and display the driver set.

    3. Click the driver set to open the Driver Set Overview page.

  3. Locate the Delimited Text driver icon, then click the upper right corner of the driver icon to display the Actions menu.

  4. Click Edit Properties to display the driver’s properties page.

  5. Click Global Config Values to display the GCV page.

In Designer:

  1. Open a project in the Modeler.

  2. Right-click the driver icon or line, then select Properties > Global Configuration Values.

Table A-1 Global Configuration Values



Application accepts passwords from Identity Manager

If True, allows passwords to flow from the Identity Manager data store to the connected system.

Identity Manager accepts passwords from application

If True allows passwords to flow from the connected system to Identity Manager.

Publish passwords to NDS password

Use the password from the connected system to set the non-reversible NDS® password in eDirectory.

Publish passwords to Distribution Password

Use the password from the connected system to set the NMAS™ Distribution Password used for Identity Manager password synchronization.

Require password policy validation before publishing passwords

If True, applies NMAS password policies during publish password operations. The password is not written to the data store if it does not comply.

Reset user’s external system password to the Identity Manager password on failure

If True, on a publish Distribution Password failure, attempt to reset the password in the connected system by using the Distribution Password from the Identity Manager data store.

Notify the user of password synchronization failure via e-mail

If True, notify the user by e-mail of any password synchronization failures.

Connected System or Driver Name

The name of the connected system, application, or Identity Manager driver. This value is used by the e-mail notification templates.