2.0 Installing the Driver Files

If you are syncrhonizing information between TreeA and TreeB, you must install the Metadirectory engine and eDirectory driver on eDirectory servers in both trees. Therefore, the installation must be completed twice—once for the Metadirectory engine and eDirectory driver in TreeA and once in TreeB. Use the instructions in Installing the Metadirectory Server in the Identity Manager 3.6.1 Installation Guide.

The eDirectory servers where you install the driver must hold master or read/write replicas of the objects you want synchronized between the two trees.

The installation program extends the Identity Vault (eDirectory) schema and installs the driver shim and driver configuration file. It does not create the driver in the Identity Vault (see Section 3.0, Creating a New Driver) or upgrade an existing driver’s configuration (see Section 4.0, Upgrading an Existing Driver).

The eDirectory driver does not use the Remote Loader because the driver in one tree communicates directly with the driver in the other tree.

The eDirectory driver requires the following:

Novell Certificate Server and the Certificate Authority are discussed more in Section 5.0, Securing Driver Communication.