1.5 Replacement Data

Replacement data consists of strings that take the place of replacement tokens in the output document generated from a template. Replacement data is either supplied by Subscriber channel data, Publisher channel HTTP data, or it is supplied automatically by the driver. An additional type of replacement data is data retrieved from eDirectory via Identity Manager (query data). Replacement data is more fully described in Section B.0, Replacement Data.

Subscriber channel data: Subscriber channel replacement data is of two types. The first type is used as replacement values for replacement tokens in templates for creating e-mail messages. The second type is placed in the query portion of a URL so that the data is available for use on the Publisher channel when the URL is submitted to the Publisher's Web server.

HTTP data: Replacement data is supplied to the Publisher channel Web server as URL query string data, HTTP POST data, or both.

Automatic data: The Manual Task Service driver supplies automatic data. Automatic data items are described in Section C.0, Automatic Replacement Data Items.

Query data: Replacement tokens that start with query: are considered to be requests to obtain current data from eDirectory. The portion of the token that follows query: is the name of an eDirectory object attribute. The object to query is specified by one of the replacement data items association, src-dn, or src-entry-id. The items are considered in the order presented in the preceding sentence.