1.0 Overview

PeopleSoft applications are some of the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems available. The Identity Manager 3.6.1 Driver for PeopleSoft 5.2 (PeopleSoft driver) enables you to create and manage Identity Vault (Novell eDirectory) objects by using data you receive from a PeopleSoft application. It’s a powerful solution to maintain, propagate, and transform your data.

This driver can integrate any PeopleSoft component with the Identity Vault. Using Novell Identity Manager technology, you can share and synchronize authoritative PeopleSoft data with other enterprise applications, databases, or directories. As new records are added, modified, disabled, or deactivated in PeopleSoft, tasks associated with these events can be processed automatically using Identity Manager.

Because Identity Manager is a bidirectional data management solution, you can also synchronize authoritative data from other systems to PeopleSoft components. This dynamic, business-specific solution allows you to manage and integrate information however you desire.

This section contains the following topics: