G.0 Setting and Clearing Granular Locks

This functionality is available for SAP systems that support the concept of granular locks via the SUSR_BAPI_USER_LOCK and SUSR_BAPI_USER_UNLOCK functions. These locks relate to the account locking mechanisms that are available from the Central System of an SAP Central User Administration (CUA) environment.

This functionality is only available through the SAP User Management driver if the BAPI functions are configured to be a Remote-Enabled Module. This is done via an attribute setting in the SAP Function Builder transaction (SE37) and must be performed by an authorized administrator.

The driver can set or clear the supported lock types by using two pseudo-attributes called SETGRANULARLOCKS and CLEARGRANULARLOCKS.

The supported lock types for SETGRANULARLOCKS are:

The supported lock types for CLEARGRANULARLOCKS are:

To set or clear a particular lock, simply use a value of X or x for the desired lock type value. Any unspecified lock type sets to a value of ‘ ’, which implies the lock type is not set or cleared.

NOTE:It is not valid to use these pseudo-attributes in a <remove-value> element.