2.0 Installing the Driver Files

You must install the SOAP driver on a server that has HTTP access to the Web service with which the driver will communicate. This can be an existing Metadirectory server or a non-Metadirectory server that meets the system requirements for running the Remote Loader service (see see Remote Loader in System Requirements in the Identity Manager 3.6.1 Installation Guide).

By default, the SOAP driver files are installed on the Metadirectory server at the same time as the Metadirectory engine. The installation program extends the Identity Vault’s schema and installs both the driver shim and the driver configuration files. It does not create the driver in the Identity Vault (see Section 3.0, Creating a New Driver) or upgrade an existing driver’s configuration (see Section 4.0, Upgrading an Existing Driver).

If the SOAP driver files are not currently located on the server where you want to run the driver: