A.2 Global Configuration Values

Global configuration values (GCVs) are values that can be used by the driver to control functionality. GCVs are defined on the driver or on the driver set. Driver set GCVs can be used by all drivers in the driver set. Driver GCVs can be used only by the driver on which they are defined.

The WorkOrder driver includes one predefined GCV.

Table A-6 Global Configuration Values



WorkOrder Container

This is the WorkOrder container that is specified by the WorkOrder Containersetting on the Driver Configuration page. You can change the setting on the Driver Configuration page or on the GCV page.

The GCV is included as a driver set GCV (not a driver GCV) so that it can be used by other drivers as they create work orders to be placed in the WorkOrder container.

To modify the driver’s GCVs in iManager:

  1. Click to display the Identity Manager Administration page.

  2. Open the driver set that contains the driver whose properties you want to edit.

    1. In the Administration list, click Identity Manager Overview.

    2. If the driver set is not listed on the Driver Sets tab, use the Search In field to search for and display the driver set.

    3. Click the driver set to open the Driver Set Overview page.

  3. To add a GCV to the WorkOrder driver, locate the WorkOrder driver icon, click the upper right corner of the driver icon to display the Actions menu, then click Edit Properties.


    To add a GCV to the driver set, click Driver Set, then click Edit Driver Set properties.

To modify the driver’s GCVs in Designer:

  1. Open a project in the Modeler.

  2. To add a GCV to the WorkOrder driver, right-click the driver icon or line, then select Properties > Global Configuration Values.


    To add a GCV to the driver set, right-clickthe driver set icon , then click Properties > GCVs.