13.7 Upgrading the Metadirectory Server and Driver Shim Files

After the supporting components have been upgraded, you upgrade the Metadirectory server. During the upgrade process, the driver shim files that are stored in the file system are updated.

  1. Verify that the drivers are stopped. For instructions, see Section 13.4, Stopping the Drivers.

  2. Launch the Metadirectory server installer from the Identity Manager media:

    • Linux: IDM4.0_Lin/products/IDM/install.bin

    • Solaris: IDM4.0_Solaris/products/IDM/install.bin

      To execute the binary file, enter ./install.bin.

    • Windows: IDM4.0_Win:\products\IDM\Windows\setup\idm_install.exe

  3. Select the language to install in, then read and accept the license agreement.

  4. Select the Novell Identity Manager Metadirectory Server, Novell iManager Plug-ins for Identity Manager, and Utilities options to update the Metadirectory server and driver shim files.

  5. Specify a user and the user password with administrative rights to eDirectory in LDAP format.

  6. Review the summary, then click Install.

  7. Read the installation summary, then click Done.

NOTE:After upgrading Identity Manager from 32-bit to 64-bit, the GroupWise driver and the native custom drivers do not work.