13.3 Upgrading iManager

You must upgrade iManager to be able to use the updated functionality in the Identity Manager plug-ins.

iManager can only be installed on Windows or Linux. If your Metadirectory server is installed on Solaris, you must have iManager installed on a separate server.

If you have iManager 2.6 or earlier installed, you cannot use these steps to upgrade iManager. Use the correct upgrade procedure in the Novell iManager 2.7 Installation Guide.

To upgrade iManager:

  1. (Conditional) If you are installing on Linux, log in as root before launching the installation.

  2. Access the Identity Manager installation media on your platform.

  3. Launch the appropriate iManager install for your platform:

    • Linux: IDM4.0_Lin/products/iManager/installs/linux/iManagerInstallLinux.bin

      To execute the binary, enter ./iManagerInstallLinux.bin from the installation directory.

    • Windows: IDM4.0_Win:\product\iManager\installs\win\iManagerinstall.exe

  4. Select the language you want to install iManager in.

  5. Read and accept the license agreement.

  6. Select to install Novell iManager 2.7, Tomcat, and JVM.

  7. Select OK to remove the older version of Tomcat that is installed with the older version of iManager.

  8. Select Yes to download plug-ins.

  9. Access the default location to download plug-ins.

  10. Select to install the default selected plug-ins.

  11. Select No when you are asked to install plug-ins from a local directory.

  12. Specify the HTTP port for Tomcat to run on. By default, it is 8080.

  13. Specify the SSL port for Tomcat to run on. By default, it is 8443.

  14. Review your selections, then select OK to run the upgrade.

  15. After the installation finishes, restart Tomcat to see the changes.