13.5 Upgrading Analyzer

If you have Analyzer installed, you must upgrade it to work with Identity Manager 4.0. If you don’t have Analyzer installed, skip this section and proceed with Section 13.6, Upgrading Designer.

Analyzer can only be installed on Windows or Linux. If your Metadirectory server is installed on Solaris, you must have Analyzer installed on a separate server.

To upgrade Analyzer:

  1. Launch the Analyzer installer from the Identity Manager media:

    • Linux: IDM4.0_Lin/products/Analyzer/install

      To execute the binary file, enter ./install.

    • Windows: IDM4.0_Win:\products\ANALZYER\install.exe

  2. Select the language you want to run Analyzer in, then read and accept the license agreement.

  3. Specify the directory where Analyzer is installed, then click Yes in the message stating you already have Analyzer installed.

  4. Select whether the shortcuts should be placed on your desktop and in your desktop menu.

  5. Review the summary, then click Install.

  6. Review the installation summary, then click Done.