4.11 Choosing the Application Server Configuration Type

  1. Fill in the following fields:



    Single (default) or clustering (all)

    Select the type of application server configuration:

    • Select all if this installation is part of a cluster

    • Select default if this installation is on a single node that is not part of a cluster

    Server name

    Specify the server name.

    The server name is the name of the application server configuration, the name of the application WAR file, and the name of the URL context. The installation script creates a server configuration and by default names the configuration based on Application name.

    Note the application name and include it in the URL when you start the Identity Manager User Application from a browser.

    Workflow Engine ID

    Each server in a cluster must have a unique Workflow Engine ID. Workflow Engine IDs are described in the Identity Manager User Application: Administration Guide in Section 3.5.4, Configuring Workflows for Clustering.

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