15.3 Configuring Search List for Anonymous Access

To set up the Search List portlet for anonymous access:

  1. Go to Administration > Portlet Admin.

  2. Register and name a new instance of the Search List portlet, for example, Public Search.

  3. Select the new instance and go to Settings.

  4. Set Requires Authentication to false, then click Save Settings.

  5. Go to Preferences, then

    • Change Default Search Mode to Basic or Advanced (Saved Search mode is not valid for an anonymous user).

    • Consider specifying a Detail Portlet instance that is also set up for public access (Requires Authentication is set to false). If you use the default DetailPortlet, the user will be forced to log in when viewing the detail of any result list link.

    • Go to View/Edit Custom preferences and remove any entities or attributes that you do not want the guest user to see.

To create a new shared page for the anonymous Search List:

  1. Go to Administration > Page Admin.

  2. Create a new Page and add it to the Guest Pages category (and any other categories for logged-in users.)

  3. Click Add Permissions. Deselect View Permissions set to admin only.

  4. Save the page.

If the Search List portlet instance requires a DNLookup attribute, you need to change the ParamListPortlet setting Requires Authentication to false.