9.3 Assigning the Provisioning Administrator

When assigning Provisioning Administrators, you can specify users, groups, or containers.

  1. Go to the Security Page.

  2. Under Administrator Assignment, select Provisioning Admin Assignment.

    The Security page, with Provisioning Admin Assignment selected
  3. Search for the users, groups, or containers you want to assign. Specify values for the following search settings:


    What to Do

    Search for

    Select one of the following from the drop-down menu:

    • Users

    • Groups

    • Containers

    Starts with

    If you want to:

    • Find all available objects of your specified type (user, group, or container), then make this setting blank.

    • Find a subset of those objects, then enter the starting characters of the CN values you want. (Case is not considered. Wildcards are not supported.)

      For example, searching for groups that start with S would narrow your search results to something like this: cn=Sales,ou=groups,o=MyOrg cn=Service,ou=groups,o=MyOrg cn=Shipping,ou=groups,o=MyOrg

      Searching for groups that start with Se would return: cn=Service,ou=groups,o=MyOrg

  4. Click Go. The results of your search appear in the Results list.

  5. Select the users, groups, or containers you want to assign as Provisioning Administrators, then click Add (>).

    Hold down the Ctrl key to make multiple selections.

  6. Click Save.

To unassign Provisioning Application Administrators:

  1. In the Current Assignments list, select the users, groups, or containers you want to unassign as User Application Administrators, then click Remove (<).

    Hold down the Control key to make multiple selections.

  2. Click Save.

If you delete Provisioning Application Administrators, keep at least one. One is necessary to protect the security of your system. If you attempt to remove the last Provisioning Application Administrator, you receive an alert.