2.8 Comparing Provisioning Objects

The Provisioning view’s Compare feature allows you to see the differences between the provisioning objects in the local file system and those that are running in the deployed User Application driver. When Designer encounters a difference, it allows you to specify what action you want to take on that difference. You can ignore or reconcile it.

NOTE:When you change the Identity Vault or driver set’s deploy context, you must save the project before performing a compare. If you do not save the change, Designer continues to use the old deploy context for compare operations.

To compare provisioning objects:

  1. Right-click a container or object in the Provisioning view, then select Live > Compare.

  2. If prompted, provide Identity Vault credentials, then click OK.

    Designer displays the results of the comparison. By default, only the differences are displayed, but you can show the full comparison by deselecting Only show differences.

    NOTE:For provisioning teams, you must select the container to compare the provisioning request and provisioning team objects. If you select an individual team, it compares only the provisioning team objects.

  3. If there are differences, select one of the following actions:

    Reconcile Status


    Do not reconcile

    Do not change any definitions.

    Update Designer

    Import the definitions from the Identity Vault.

    Update eDirectory

    Deploy the definition from Designer to the Identity Vault.

    Reconciled by parent

    For informational purposes. Specifies whether one of the parent objects is already being reconciled. It is always disabled and is only set if the parent object is already being reconciled to Designer or the Identity Vault.

If a provisioning request definition or role object contains trustees, the trustees for the local object are compared with the trustees defined for the object in the Identity Vault. Trustees are not compared for directory abstraction layer objects.