2.5 Exporting Provisioning Objects

The Provisioning view’s export feature allows you to move project components from one project to another without re-creating the contents. It also allows you to clone a project. You can use it to export provisioning objects (and their children) to an XML-based driver configuration file. You use the resulting file as the input to the Import from File feature, enabling you to easily share the contents of your provisioning project with other developers.

To export to a driver configuration file:

  1. Open the Provisioning view and select the object containing the definitions to export.

    To export a specific provisioning object, select that node in the Provisioning view. To export all of the objects of a specific type, select the root node representing that type.

  2. Right-click the container or object and select Export to File.

  3. Provide the name and location of the file to generate, then click OK.

    The default name for the file reflects the contents of the file. For example, if you export lists, the default name for the file is lists.xml. You can change the name as needed.