2.4 Importing Provisioning Objects

The Provisioning view’s import feature lets you import provisioning objects from:

This feature is useful when you begin a new project based on one or more definitions from an existing project, or when you want to share definitions with other developers working on the same project.

NOTE:When you change the Identity Vault or driver set’s deploy context, you must save the project before performing an import. If you do not save the change, Designer continues to use the old deploy context for import operations.

2.4.1 Importing from a Driver Configuration File

To import objects from a driver configuration file:

  1. Open the Provisioning view.

  2. Select the root node representing the type of object you want to import.

  3. Right-click the container and select Import from File. Confirm the import operation (which might overwrite existing definitions of the same name) by clicking OK.

  4. Specify the name of the driver configuration file you want to import, then click OK.

Trustee information is stored in the driver configuration file. When you import a driver configuration file using Designer, the trustee information is processed as expected. If you import the driver configuration file using iManager, the trustee information is ignored.

2.4.2 Importing from an Identity Vault

  1. Open the Provisioning view and select the container into which you want to import the definitions.

    To import a specific provisioning object, select that node in the Provisioning view. To import all objects of a specific type, select the root node representing that type.

  2. Right-click the container and select one of the following:

    • Live > Import to import the contents of the currently selected container.

    • Live > Import Object to browse the Identity Vault and select the object to import.

    • Live > Import From to browse the Identity Vault and select a container whose contents you want to import objects from.

    If prompted, provide the Identity Vault credentials and click OK.

    NOTE:For provisioning teams, Import Object imports only the team object. Import Team Requests imports any associated team request objects.

  3. Navigate to the Identity Vault container or object that you want to import and click OK.

  4. Review the Import Summary page to determine how you want to proceed. To complete the import, click Import, or click Cancel. If you click Import, Designer performs the operation and displays a summary of the completed operation.