6.8 Provisioning Multiple Individuals with One Workflow Instance

You can configure a provisioning request definition so that one individual (for example, a team manager) can provision multiple individuals (for example, members of a team, or a group) with one workflow. The provisioning request definition can be configured to provision any one of the following:

To create this type of workflow, create the provisioning request definition as you normally would. On the Overview panel, select Single Flow Provision Members from the Flow Strategy list.

6.8.1 Basic Steps for Using the Workflow

This section describes the basic steps for using a workflow that utilizes the Single Flow Provision Members flow strategy.

  1. Log in to the user application as a user application administrator.

  2. Click Requests and Approvals.

  3. Click Request Team Resources.

  4. Select the provisioning category to which the provisioning request belongs, then click OK.

    You should see a workflow that is marked with an icon that contains a cluster of people:

  5. Click the name of the workflow.

    A form is displayed that provides three methods of selecting multiple users to provision:

    • Specify one or more recipients

    • Specify a group

    • Specify a container

  6. Specify the recipients, then click Continue.

6.8.2 Setting up the Workflow for a Team Manager to Use

To enable a Team Manager to use a workflow that uses the Single Flow Provision Members flow strategy, you need to perform these additional setup steps:

  1. Log in to iManager as an administrator.

  2. In Roles and Tasks, select Provisioning Configuration.

  3. Select Provisioning Teams.

  4. Set up the team if it is not already set up.

  5. Bind the workflow to the team by defining a Provisioning Team Request using the Provisioning Configuration Role and Task.