1.0 Overview of iFolder

Novell® iFolder® 2.1 is a Net services software solution that lets mobile professionals access their local files from anywhere—online, offline, all the time—across multiple workstations and the Net. All the user needs is an active network or Internet connection and the iFolder client, a Web browser, or NetDrive.

For a user, iFolder is like having a single, virtual work folder accessible from any computer. It provides a simple, convenient, and secure way to access, back up, and synchronize files. Whether working on an office or home computer, on a disconnected notebook, or even at an Internet kiosk in an airport halfway around the world, user’s files are instantly available.

When connected to the iFolder server, iFolder automatically backs up the work done on local files to an account on the iFolder server. Files are always protected and easily recovered in the event the local data is lost. And later, when the user moves on to a different location and a different computer, iFolder automatically synchronizes the files to reflect the work completed elsewhere—with no manual disk copies or file transfers required.

With iFolder, each user's work environment can revolve around the individual instead of a particular location or hardware configuration. Because the data travels transparently with the user, wherever in the world he or she needs to be, and resides concurrently in the user's iFolder account on the server, the user can be confident that the local data is current and safe. The user no longer needs to worry about e-mailing files, keeping track of multiple versions of files on different portable storage media, and dealing with complicated remote logins and temperamental VPN clients.

This overview describes the following information about iFolder: