7.0 Installing iFolder 2.1.2 on Novell Nterprise Linux Services

For instructions on installing Novell® iFolder® 2.1.2 on Novell Nterprise™ Linux™ Services, please follow the prerequisites and installation instructions provided in the Novell Nterprise Linux Services Installation Guide.

As bundled with Nterprise Linux Services and later, iFolder 2.1.2 supports the following server configurations:

Server Operating Systems

Web Server

LDAP Server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 2.1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.0

Apache Web Server 2.0.48

Novell eDirectory™ 8.7.3

For a description of known issues related to installation, see the Novell 2.1 Readme.