1.0 Overview

Novell® iFolder® 2.1 is a Net services software solution that allows your files to automatically follow you everywhere—online, offline, all the time—across multiple workstations and the Net. You simply store your files in the iFolder directory on your workstation.

As you work, the iFolder client intelligently tracks and logs updates to your files. It can automatically and transparently synchronize those changes through Internet or network connections with your files on the iFolder server and the various workstations that you use.

It no longer matters where you are in the world. With iFolder, you can get your work done without having to e-mail files to yourself or deal with complicated remote logins or temperamental VPN clients. You no longer need to worry about keeping track of your files, because your work environment now revolves around you, and your data is with you, wherever you are.

This overview describes the following information about Novell iFolder: