5.0 iFolder Documentation

To access Help for the iFolder client, right-click the iFolder icon in your system tray, then click Help.

5.1 Documentation on Your iFolder Web Site

Your Novell iFolder administrator maintains an iFolder Web site with information about your iFolder service. To access this site, right-click the iFolder icon, then click iFolder Web Site.

You can also access the Web site by opening your Web browser to the site's URL. Get the iFolder Web site's URL from your iFolder administrator. The general format of the URL is http://nif1.your-domain-name.com/iFolder, where nif1.your-domain-name.com is the actual DNS name or IP address of your iFolder server.

5.2 Documentation on the Novell Web Site

For more information on using iFolder and for synchronization tips and tricks: