2.8 What’s New in iFolder 3.6

The following features are new in iFolder 3.6:

  • Multi-sever support with no limit on the number of users and servers to allow expanding the iFolder domain across multiple servers

  • Encryption support for users to store sensitive files secured on servers.

  • Enhanced Web Admin console to manage, deploy and maintain iFolder system.

  • Volume scalability support for iFolder servers to allow administrator to move data across multiple volume on a single server.

  • With Multi-domain capability, iFolder 3.6 allows users to work with files belonging to two iFolders that reside on two different iFolder servers

  • Enhanced web access for users to help them perform all the operations equivalent to that of iFolder client through web access. It allow mobile users access their iFolder and thus perform all the iFolder operations via mobile.

  • Simplified iFolder sharing via Web Access.

  • Enhanced reporting for better manageability.

  • Support for multiple directories (eDirectory, OpenLDAP and SunOne)