10.11 Changing The IP Address For iFolder Services

When you reconfigure the iFolder services, you must ensure that the current data Store path is not changed. Changing the IP address of the iFolder service also needs the Apache service to be restarted. Follow the steps given below to change the IP address through CLI.

  1. Open a terminal console and enter rcapache2 stop.

  2. Run /usr/bin/simias-server-setup.

  3. Specify the Store path.

    The default Store path is /var/simias/data/simias.

  4. Specify the new Private IP address and Public IP address.

    IMPORTANT:Ensure that the users are notified about the new IP address for connection.

  5. For the rest of the options, accept the default values because these values are from the existing configuration.

  6. Start Apache service by executing rcapache2 start.