6.8 Accessing iManager and the iFolder Web Admin

The iFolder Web Admin is the tool used to manage your iFolder server.

  1. Open a Web browser to the iManager Login page by entering the following location:


    Replace servername.example.comwith the DNS name or IP address (such as of the OES server where you installed iManager. This might be the same or different computer where you installed iFolder 3.9 server or iFolder 3.9 Web Admin console.

  2. (Conditional) If prompted to accept the server’s certificate, review the certificate information, then click OK to accept it if it is valid.

  3. On the iManager Login page, specify the Admin username and password you created during the OES install, then click Login.

    Novell iManager Login Screen

    The user name can be specified as contextless (such as admin) or with the context (such as cn=admin.o=acme). You must use a dot delimiter in fully distinguished names when working in iManager.

    The iManager Web management interface opens with Roles and Tasks listed in the navigator on the left.

  4. In Roles and Tasks iManager Roles and Tasks Icon, click iFolder 3.9 > Launch Admin Console.

  5. Specify the DNS name or IP address of the iFolder enterprise server you want to manage.

    For example, type svr1.example.com or

  6. Do one of the following:

    1. If you logged in to iManager with the same username as the iFolder Admin user of the Web Admin, select Authenticate Using Current iManager Credentials.

    2. If you logged in to iManager with a different username than the iFolder Admin user of the Web Admin, leave the check box Authenticate Using Current iManager Credentials unselected, then specify the iFolder Admin username and password.

  7. Click OK.

    IMPORTANT:If you are logged in to iManager with iManager admin credential, iFolder Web Admin does not ask the credentials again for logging into Web Admin console.

    For information, see Section 11.2, Connecting to the iFolder Server.

    iFolder opens to the User page, which consists of a tabbed list of the main administrative functions that can be performed on iFolder domain.