12.2 Searching for a User Account

NOTE:The term iFolder users refers to both individual users and LDAP Groups.

  1. In Web Admin console, enable the Users tab.

  2. Select a name criterion (User Name, First Name, Last Name, Home Server).

  3. Select a filter criterion (Contains, Begins With, Ends With, Equals).

  4. Use one or more of the following search methods, then click Search:

    • Type the name of the user in the Search Users field.

    • Type one or more letters in the Search Users field.

    • Type an asterisk (*) in the Search Users field to return a list of all Users on the system.

    • Leave the Search Users field empty to return a list of all Users on the system.

    Do not click anywhere in the page until the page completely refreshes.

  5. Browse or sort the list of users to locate the one you want to manage.

  6. Click the User Name link to view or set policies and manage its iFolders.

Locating the Users in the Search Results

Scroll up and down to browse the search results and locate the user you want to manage. The combination of the username, first name, and last name should help you locate the user.

  • Type: Shows the member type of the user currently logged in. If the user is an individual user the interface also display an option for User Groups. If the user is a member of an Ldap Group, the interface lists all the members of the Ldap Group under the option for Group Members. An icon indicate whether the user has the iFolder Admin right (user wearing a referee-striped uniform) or is a normal user (user icon).

  • User Name: The username assigned to the user account, such as jsmith.

  • Full Name: The first and last name of the user account.

  • LDAP Context: The LDAP tree context is used for provisioning users in to iFolder.

  • Last Login Time The time when the user last logged in to the iFolder system.

  • User Groups (applicable only for individual users): Lists all the groups that the selected user belongs to.

  • Group Members (applicable only for LDAPGroups): Lists all the members who belong to the selected LDAP Group.

Click the user’s name to manage User policies and iFolders for the user.