9.2 Installing Novell Cluster Services for Linux

For each node in the planned cluster:

IMPORTANT:If you are using iSCSI for shared disk system access, ensure that you have configured iSCSI initiators and targets prior to installing Novell Cluster Services.

  1. Make sure each node in the cluster satisfies the requirements in Section 9.1, Prerequisites for Clustering iFolder Services.

  2. Install and configure Novell Cluster Services (NCS) on the Open Enterprise Server (OES) servers you plan to use in iFolder cluster.

    For information on installing NCS, see the section Installing, Configuring, and Repairing Novell Cluster Services in the OES 2015: Novell Cluster Services for Linux Administration Guide.

  3. Ensure that there is at least one shared storage setup that is cluster enabled, either Linux POSIX Volume(s) or NSS volume(s).

  4. Continue with Section 9.3, Configuring iFolder Servers on a NCS for Linux Cluster.