2.0 Single-Server Deployment

A single-server setup consists of a single server with up to one thousand clients simultaneously connected to it. In such a setup, the iFolder server and the database are located on a single Open Enterprise Server (OES) server, and the client workstations are connected to it. This scenario is illustrated in the following figure.

Figure 2-1 Single Server

In a single-server setup, all three iFolder components are installed and configured on the same server. Authentication of users is always LDAP-based. This means that all the users trying to log in and access iFolder data are authenticated with the LDAP server first and then allowed to access iFolder data. All client-to-server communication and communication between server components is done via HTTPS. In this setup, a single server hosts the iFolder server, iFolder Web Access services, and iFolder Web Admin services. Load balancing cannot be performed in this setup and heavy Web Access usage is also not recommended.

The following sections describe the deployment of a single server setup in your environment.