12.6 Deployment Scenarios

Consider the Acme organization, which provides several financial application services that are hosted via the Web. As part of a subscription, Acme also provides storage space for its customers to store their financial data reports in an encrypted iFolder.

Acme decides to maintain a consistent view of its Web applications, so that they are easier to manage. Therefore, Acme hosts all its Web applications under the FINAPPS directory. For instance, the insurance services are accessible via https://acme.com/APPS/Insurance, and the investments services are accessible via https://acme.com/APPS/Investments. However, these URLs expose the applications to potential hackers. Also, for additional security, Acme administrators do not want the HTTP default port to have direct access to the Web applications, so they need a proxy for the URL as well as a port forwarding solution.

This can be addressed by port forwarding and proxy addressing. Port forwarding for the Apache services can be performed by the router and the URL redirection can be done by Apache supported mod proxy. Mod proxy has multiple configurations. For more information on mod proxy, refer to the mod proxy configuration information at the Apache Module mod proxy Web site.