5.0 Master-Slave Deployment for a High Web Access Load

In a master-slave deployment with a high Web Access load, the setup consists of a master server, a slave server, and a slave server dedicated to Web Access. In this setup, the iFolder server and the database are typically located on the master and slave servers, and the client workstations are connected to the iFolder server. This setup also uses a dedicated iFolder Web Access server to serve and prioritize a high number of iFolder Web Access client requests. This scenario is illustrated in the following figure:

Figure 5-1 Master-Slave with High Web Access Usage

This setup is useful in organizations where employees tend to access confidential documents by using cell phones or mobile devices. This deployment helps you securely share confidential information such as organization documents, presentations, Flash videos, sales and marketing data, and spreadsheets. A dedicated setup is required if there are thousands of mobile users.

The following sections describe a master-slave deployment with a high Web Access load.