8.0 Using an iFolder Master Server as a Load Balancer

Organizations that need to distribute an equal number of users across iFolder servers need user load balancing support. User load balancing ensures an equal amount of connections per server and balanced data transfer across servers.

Figure 8-1 Load Balancer

Organizations that need automatic user management should provision the users soon after iFolder server deployment. This is necessary in large organizations where user management is difficult and provisioning existing users requires considerable administrative overhead. With the load balancing option, the users are provisioned to the server that has fewer users provisioned so that the number of users across the deployed iFolder servers is equalized.

This configuration ensures that the response time for every user is good and the number of connections per server is not excessive. If some super users have large data sets, this setup does not guarantee data load-balancing, but only guarantees user count balancing across available servers.

The following sections describe the deployment of an iFolder master server as a load balancer.