6.5 Deployment Scenarios

6.5.1 Document Collaboration

A BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) organization that specializes in product documentation needs a solution for storing the documents in a common repository in which multiple users have their own document sets to be updated.

In this scenario, the server must always be online and the file service must be available at all times. iFolder provides an excellent solution for the user to work on the local copy and to update the central iFolder server with the latest document copy at regular intervals. Because updating the document is delta-based, very little data is transferred across the wire.

A single-server cluster enables users to have their documents in sync with others and also ensures that the latest version of a document is available on the server. This protects user data from an unanticipated crash of the local system. The organization consumes less bandwidth by uploading only deltas and ensuring that users work only on a local copy. A single-server cluster with iFolder enables the organization to be continuously productive and provides a very good document collaboration environment.