10.3 Deployment Scenarios

Consider the example of an organizational unit that has several smaller subgroups, with each subgroup having different data storage and collaboration requirements. For example, one subgroup has 100 users, and they all collaborate with each other every day. The storage requirement of this subgroup is low because they collaborate regularly with each other.

In contrast, consider another subgroup with 200 users who are involved in financial transactions that require their data to be maintained in a secure manner. The storage requirement of this subgroup might be high, but the users in the group might not need to collaborate with each other.

Although both the subgroups are part of the same organization and work in the same geography, their iFolder policy needs are different. From the administrative perspective, it is simpler if a master-slave iFolder server is deployed and the employee count is low. For this deployment scenario, the iFolder services can be deployed over Xen to maximize the underlying hardware.