13.4 Deployment Scenarios

Consider the case of a company that has 200 branches with 50000 employees and 100 business partners. All business partners are always on the move and at least 1000 employees are travelling at any given point of time. Every employee and business partner has an identity in the company eDirectory for access control of their respective applications and data. The company uses iFolder to enable users to access their data at any time and anywhere.

Because the company has business partners and some of the business partners might also be competitors, the business partners need more security while they store data in the company repository, but at the same time they need accessibility to data.

In this scenario, the company can install and configure iFolder behind Access Manager to provide stricter access control and security. iFolder is configured to use Access Manager as an access method so that the employees and business partners can use single sign-on as well as a secure connection from the public Internet.