2.11 What’s New in iFolder 3.0

iFolder 3.0 includes several important new features:

  • Multiple iFolders: You can create as many iFolders as desired and manage each one separately. Each iFolder functions independently to synchronize its own set of files. You specify the local path for each iFolder.

  • Shared iFolders: Each iFolder can be kept private or shared with a different group of users. For a shared iFolder, if you own it or are a member with the Full Control right, you can control who participates in the iFolder and control the level of access granted to each member, such as Full Control, Read/Write, or Read Only.

  • Centralized iFolder Synchronization and Storage: iFolder data is automatically synchronized by the iFolder client to the iFolder enterprise server over an IP network. The enterprise server stores files for each iFolder, then synchronizes them to other member computers. Your iFolder administrator controls whether data is transported securely with HTTPS (SSL) connections during synchronization, or if data is transported with standard HTTP connections.

  • Multiple iFolder Accounts: You can concurrently access iFolder accounts on multiple servers.

  • Web Access to iFolders: You access your iFolder accounts from any computer with Internet access. You can create subdirectories, upload files, and download files to any of your iFolders. All iFolders for the account are available, whether you are the owner or a member.