3.2 Benefits of Using iFolder Services

In addition to the benefits mentioned in Section 1.1, Benefits of iFolder, using the iFolder client with iFolder 3.9.2 provides the following capabilities:

  • You can create iFolders and store files securely on a central enterprise server for anytime, anywhere access through a passphrase known only to you. If you forget your passphrase, the Recovery agent helps you recover your data. You can also reset your passphrase for future use.

  • You can synchronizes files at any time through a central server, with improved availability, reliability, and performance over other sharing methods.

  • You can back up local files to a server.

  • You can back up iFolders to backup media.

  • You can restore files or entire iFolder contents from backup media.

  • You can centrally manage all iFolders in the enterprise server with policy-based administration tools.

  • You can manage all iFolders on the server via an enhanced Web Access console.